Upper Beaver Project

Agnico Eagle is currently evaluating opportunities to develop the Upper Beaver deposit, located in the township of Gauthier in northeastern Ontario, into a gold and copper mine.

As we explore Upper Beaver’s potential, we are committed to sharing information on this website about each phase of the project development and to conducting meaningful community engagement in order to build understanding and trust about the transparency, potential impacts and social acceptability of our plans.

Project Overview

Agnico Eagle is studying the potential to develop, operate and eventually reclaim an underground and open pit, gold-copper mine, processing facility and related infrastructure at the Upper Beaver project site. The proposed mine would be built on the site of a former producing mine, expanding on its historical underground workings, which would help limit the mine’s environmental footprint. However, in order to meet today’s safety and environmental standards, Agnico Eagle plans to develop new underground access to the deposit.


Upper Beaver is part of Agnico Eagle’s Kirkland Lake exploration properties located in the south-central portion of the Abitibi greenstone belt, in northeastern Ontario. The project is located approximately 5 km northeast of Dobie Ontario, in the Gauthier and McVittie townships. The entire area is a historical mining camp that continues to demonstrate mineral value. We believe the Upper Beaver project and our Kirkland Lake properties may have the potential for developing a new mining platform and creating a long-term economic benefit to the region


Project Phases and Expected Timeline

This timeline describes the standard phases of a mine development project, which typically occur in sequence with the transition from one phase to the next based on the results and approvals obtained at each stage. In practice, however, the phases may overlap, as some work is conducted simultaneously. To learn more about each phase, hover over the graphic and a pop-up window will appear with additional information.

We are here

Agnico Eagle is evaluating opportunities to develop the Upper Beaver deposit and to explore the surrounding deposits and mineralized occurrences through exploration programs that feature prospecting, geophysical surveys and diamond drilling.

Since 2018, Agnico Eagle has:

  • explored and conducted conversion drilling on the property
  • conducted a technical review of historical operations and updated all geological models
  • increased mineral reserves and expanded gold mineralization
  • assessed and began developing the Advanced Exploration Phase
  • engaged and consulted with local communities and Indigenous groups for permitting of the Upper Beaver project Advanced Exploration Phase
  • completed and updated baseline studies, modelled possible impacts and drafted permits
  • evaluated possible scenarios for the Production Phase, including potential synergy with different zones
  • undertook engagement activities regarding the Exploration, Advanced Exploration and Production Phases



  • Prospecting
  • Diamond Drilling
  • Magnetic Survey
  • Site Investigation
  • Baselines Studies
  • Environmental Monitoring



  • Economic Studies
  • Baselines Studies
  • Impact Assessment
  • Exploration Shaft and Ramp
  • Underground Development
  • Underground Bulk Sampling
  • Environmental Monitoring



  • Construction of Mill
  • Construction of Tailing Facilities
  • Construction of other facilities required for production
  • Environmental Monitoring



  • Extraction of ore for commercial production
  • Operation of Mill
  • Storage of tailing on site
  • Progressive rehabilitation
  • Environmental Monitoring



  • Decommissioning
  • Reclamation
  • Environmental Monitoring

2023 Activities:

Exploration drilling has been postponed to the third quarter of 2023 at the Upper Beaver Property. A robust mapping program across the Kirkland Lake camp is expected to begin in May continuing into the fall. These early-stage exploration activities include, but are not limited to, surface outcrop sampling, geological mapping and soil sampling with hand tools. Agnico Eagle is still collecting information and conducting studies for the Impact Statement preparation that is required to assess potential impacts of the Project, possible alternatives and to determine potential mitigation measures. Agnico Eagle will continue to engage with Indigenous Nations and the public to gather information to better understand the land uses, health, social and economic conditions around the Project area, as well as the key issues and concerns. More details on our activities, including public consultation workshops, will be communicated as work progresses. See the News and Events section for the latest information.


The Upper Beaver project has a long mineral exploration and development history. Gold was first discovered west of Beaverhouse Lake in 1912. Upper Beaver was mined intermittently between 1912 and 1971, producing approximately 140,000 ounces of gold and 12 million pounds of copper over this period under the names: La Mine d’Or Huronia (1912 – 1919); Argonaut Gold Mines Limited (1919-1928); and Upper Beaver Gold Mines (1965 – 1971).

Agnico Eagle acquired 100% ownership of the Upper Beaver and Kirkland Lake exploration properties in March 2018.

For detailed information on geology and mineralization of Agnico Eagle’s Kirkland Lake exploration properties, visit Agnico Eagle’s website.

Did You Know?

Agnico Eagle’s history is closely tied to northern Ontario. Our company got its start in Cobalt, with the creation of the Cobalt Consolidated Mining Company in 1953, which later became Agnico Eagle Mines Limited. While our mining activities in Cobalt ceased in 1989, we continue to monitor and maintain our previous sites and properties in the Cobalt area.

Upper Beaver Project

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