Career Opportunities

Be a part of it. Be proud of it. Be Agnico Eagle.

When you join Agnico Eagle, you become part of a family who shares common goals and values. You join a workplace that fosters collaboration and respect, encourages healthy debate, and celebrates success as a team. Learn more about our values and career opportunities by visiting our corporate website.

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Doing Business With Agnico Eagle

Agnico Eagle is committed to conducting business in an ethical, legal, and socially responsible manner. We value our relationships with our suppliers as they are critical to Agnico Eagle’s success and allow us to meet our business objectives. That is why we require our suppliers to adhere to the same stringent set of values and performance standards that Agnico Eagle holds itself to. While we prefer to buy from local suppliers – as a way of supporting the economic development of our operating communities and minimizing our environmental footprint – we depend on all of our suppliers to help us maintain a sustainable and competitive supply chain.

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Our Values

At Agnico Eagle, we are defined by our core values of trust, respect, equality, family and responsibility. These values express who we are and guide us in everything we do. They are a link to our history, central to our culture and an essential element of our success.

We trust each other to use our skills, knowledge and experience to achieve the best results for each of us: for our co-workers, communities, shareholders and for our Company. We rely on one another to get the job done, to operate safely and to meet our commitments to those who depend on us.
We believe that respect is earned through action and not simply given. We treat people with respect, and we work hard to make sure that we are always worthy of respect. Everywhere we operate, we strive to be an admired member of the community and to be recognized as both a good employer and a good neighbour.

At Agnico Eagle, we all wear the same colour hats. We’re on the same team and treat each other equally, fairly and consistently, with equal access to opportunity and recognition, in all of our regions and at every level of our Company.

Agnico Eagle is like a family. We’re a company of first names and open doors. We know that the well-being of their families is essential to the well-being of our employees, and that it contributes to stronger, happier communities, which makes us a better company.
We are responsible and accountable. If we make a mistake, we admit it and learn from it. We seek to lead by example and to set the standard for corporate responsibility. We acknowledge – and act upon – our responsibility for the safety of our employees, for our long-term impact on communities and the environment, for operating with complete transparency and for meeting our commitments to our shareholders.