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Partnering with Local Stakeholders

Fostering positive and collaborative relationships with local communities is essential for building the foundations of a successful project and delivering socio-economic benefits as well as a positive legacy for host communities.

As early as possible, we engage and partner with local stakeholders and Indigenous groups to assess the levels of social acceptability and potential impacts of the project within the host community.  This allows us to mitigate potential negative impacts, and discover opportunities for collaboration, avoiding potential conflict and building community relationships on a foundation of trust and transparency.

We understand that we must continuously earn the trust of the local community by being a reliable partner and good neighbour, and by being inclusive, open and transparent in our engagements.  Therefore, we take a life cycle approach to our relationship and initiatives with local communities and Indigenous Peoples, as examples show in the following figure.

Community Engagement Graphic

To learn more about our approach to community engagement and commitments, please visit Agnico Eagle’s website opens a new window.

Engagement & Consultation Activities

The arrival of an exploration team in a community is often the first contact residents have with a mining company.  It is also the first step to building trust and positive relationships, which are key to gaining and maintaining our social license to explore, and potentially to operate a mine in the region.  That is why, from the onset of our exploration work, Agnico Eagle’s teams focus on understanding and being respectful of the needs of the community and the local environment.

Early on at the Upper Beaver project, our team performed a stakeholder mapping exercise to identify key stakeholders and interested groups and engage or consult with them regarding our activities and plans.

We will continue to update our stakeholder list on a regular basis and continue engaging with them as the Upper Beaver project progresses and throughout the environmental permitting process.

If you want to be added or recommend a person or a group to be added as a local stakeholder or interested group of the Upper Beaver project, please fill out our contact us form to be added as a local stakeholder opens a new window

Public consultations by government authorities

As mentioned in the Environmental Authorization section, the Ontario provincial government requires environmental studies and permits, as well as public consultations, for all advanced exploration and mine development projects.  Applications for projects with a potential effect on the environment are posted on Ontario’s Environmental Registry opens a new window, providing the public the opportunity to submit comments directly online.

We are currently in the process of obtaining all necessary permits for the Advanced Exploration phase.  All authorizations or approvals required for the Production/Mining phase will come at a later stage.  More information on this specific process will be provided in time.

At the federal level, should the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada determine that an Impact Assessment is required for the Upper Beaver project, it will hold public consultations.  Prior to that, we would develop an engagement plan and validate it with the Agency and with local communities – we anticipate the timing of these engagements to be near the end of 2021, after receiving Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines from the federal government.  See the Impact Assessment section for more information on the Impact Assessment process and timeline.

We will continue to engage with Indigenous groups, land owners and cottagers in the area to keep them informed about our plans and to specifically consult them on our closure plan, as required by ENDM.

More details on our engagement and consultation activities will be communicated when available through our News and Events section or by directly notifying concerned stakeholders, Indigenous groups or other interested groups.

Meanwhile, our team is always available to answer your questions or concerns regarding our projects and activities.

Engaging with Indigenous Groups

Agnico Eagle works in partnership with Indigenous groups to establish mutually beneficial, cooperative and productive relationships.  Our approach focuses on early and meaningful engagement, effective two-way communication, consultation and partnering.

For more information on Agnico Eagle’s commitment towards Indigenous Peoples, consult our Indigenous Peoples Engagement Policy opens a new window

We have been exploring in the Kirkland Lake area for many years and we have actively engaged with interested Indigenous groups.

Agnico Eagle has exploration and working agreements in place with some Indigenous groups in proximity to the project.  We actively promote dialogue and regularly engage with Indigenous groups on our current and planned activities in the area.

Ongoing engagement activities include:

  • quarterly project update meetings with Chiefs and Band Councils
  • one-on-one meetings, notification of activities, site visits and field inspections as appropriate, requested or included in agreements
  • summary of upcoming regulatory submissions timeframe, advance notice by email and/or phone prior to regulatory submissions
  • meeting reports shared and validated with participants

Additionally, we participate in a collective Environmental Advisory Committee with Indigenous groups regarding future advanced exploration work related to the Upper Beaver project.

We will continue to engage with Indigenous groups as the Upper Beaver project progresses.

Engaging with Landowners and Cottagers

We know that mine development can raise concerns, especially with close neighbours.  We want our local stakeholders to understand our activities and priorities, and we also want to understand their concerns.  By establishing from the outset a framework that addresses these concerns and finds solutions to mitigate potential negative impacts, we can discover opportunities for collaboration, avoid potential conflict and build community relationships on a foundation of trust and transparency.

We are working on establishing a cohabitation process with property owners and cottagers in the Upper Beaver project area, more specifically the Beaverhouse Lake area.  We value such an approach because fostering positive and collaborative relationships with local communities is essential for building a successful project and delivering socio-economic benefits.

We focus on maintaining active and regular communications through proven communications tools such as phone calls, letters, emails and this specific project website to provide timely information at all stages of the project’s development.  This also helps us receive timely feedback from property owners and cottagers on the framework and possible mitigation measures, supporting harmonious cohabitation.

Agnico Eagle strives to be an admired member of the community and to be recognized as a good neighbour and a good partner.  We take a measured and responsible approach to the growth of our business.  We believe that in order for mining to work, it must work for everyone – for our employees, shareholders, local businesses and the communities.